New York Desk Appearance Ticket Lawyers

You are rightfully anxious and nervous. Your arrest and Desk Appearance Ticket does not merely pose the immediate and very real concern of a criminal record, but you must address what may happen to your career and future outside the courtroom. The New York Desk Appearance Ticket attorneys at Crotty Saland PC not only represent clients who have been given a Desk Appearance Ticket (D.A.T.), but are experienced lawyers prepared to work with you to resolve your criminal case and its unfortunate repercussions. Regardless of whether you are processed through the court or you are waiting for a future date to appear and face misdemeanor charges, it is imperative to take the allegations seriously. Make no mistake; any crime — misdemeanor or felony — has potentially life-altering and career-crippling ramifications. At our Manhattan law firm, we are your advocates and defenders in all criminal matters, whatever charges you face throughout the city of New York and beyond.

Our founding criminal attorneys are both former prosecutors with histories of handling cases with complex legal issues and professional clients. Both served under Robert Morgenthau in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office in the trial division as lead prosecutors managing investigations, conducting hearings and representing the state of New York in numerous trials. As a result, they are highly knowledgeable about the processes and procedures used by the criminal courts in New York City, having learned not just from legal textbooks but firsthand in the courtroom. They use this significant advantage to help clients facing misdemeanor and D.A.T. charges avoid criminal records and collateral consequences of arrests whenever possible.

Although we handle violent felony crimes, white collar schemes and complex civil litigation, our law firm's main focus is to mount a strong defense for each client while doing our best to limit the collateral consequences of an arrest or D.A.T. In matters involving misdemeanors and D.A.T. charges, we are particularly aggressive in defending against what some ill-informed people believe are harmless charges. We know that a conviction on even a very minor charge can be career ending. For some, even a non-criminal disposition can be equally destructive. For example, a criminal record can stop teachers from teaching, lawyers from practicing and physicians from doctoring. That is why we urge individuals facing "minor" charges to seek legal advice from an experienced criminal lawyer. The stakes are simply too high to do otherwise.

When you retain our firm for representation in your criminal matter, know that our attorneys will pursue every legal option to achieve the outcome you seek. Know, too, that we will treat you with compassion, courtesy and respect. You are not a case file to us, but a person whose rights, livelihood and future are at stake.

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