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Assault Crimes

Third Degree Assault: New York Penal Law 120.00

The violent crime of Third Degree Assault is a very serious offense. In the eyes of the law, New York judges and Assistant District Attorneys will see no difference if you land a kick to another person’s leg leaving a big purple welt or you strike your alleged adversary in the chin with a “haymaker” leaving not just a bruise, but a nice little gash. Certainly, the more serious the injury and the means by which the injury occurs can raise your misdemeanor Assault Desk Appearance Ticket (or “regular” arrest) to a felony Assault in the Second or First Degree, but even by itself, New York Penal Law 120.00 is a crime with devastating consequences.

When representing clients accused of Assault in the Third Degree, New York Assault lawyers often see common grouping of crimes. Not that prosecutors or Assistant District Attorneys merely toss what the can against the wall to see what will stick, but the Assault related crimes share many characteristics or elements. From the prosecution perspective, if one of these crimes can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it will either assist in proving the related offenses or at least enable them to secure a conviction for one violent crime.

Regardless of the type, subsection or theory of NY PL 120.00, the crime is an “A” misdemeanor. Whether you will spend no time in jail or as much as one year is an unknown factor. Regardless of the possible resolution (criminal, non-criminal or a dismissal), what is certain, however, that if you are a teacher, lawyer, physician, financial advisor or other professional, there can be real ramifications to your licensing and certification if you are convicted. Sadly, these arrests can have life altering consequences.

It should go without saying that it is imperative to not merely have your criminal attorney review the actual PL 120.00 complaint to determine its legal sufficiency, but your defense should begin well before you appear in court. Can witnesses be found and interviewed, video surveillance recovered, evidence of defensive wounds (or non-wounds) preserved? Does the prosecution have the wrong person, misunderstand the truth or can they prove their case beyond a reasonable dout? That is, were your acts either intentional or reckless (depending on the subsection of Assault in the Third Degree charged) and was there in fact a “physical injury,” not as interpreted by the complainant, but as defined by the New York Penal Law?

Whether by punch, kick, slap, tackle, or any other variation of physical contact, once you have been arrested for Third Degree Assault, just like any other crime, even the best criminal attorney can’t stop what has already transpired. You can only put yourself in the best position to confront and challenge the allegations going forward. Not only should you consult with a lawyer, but a first hand understanding of your predicament and options is arguably just as important. The last thing you should do is rush into making a decision – an attorney, investigative strategy or accepting a plea – that may not only be wrong, but one that you cannot reverse. Read the statutes, review the case law and understand their applications to your circumstances.

Protect your career and family. Do not speak with the police or a detective until you have consulted with an attorney. Maintain your clean record. Move your defense forward. Contact the New York Assault defense attorneys and former Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys at Saland Law best put you the defense that will put you on the right track.

From Manhattan to Brooklyn and Queens to Westchester County, Saland Law’s lawyers are prepared, skilled and compassionate advocates. Call us at 212.312.7129 or contact us online to speak with us about your Assault investigation, arrest or trial today.

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Jeremy answered his phone at 3am to help secure my son's release without bail, within hours. He went straight to the people that mattered and kept my son informed in the cells, giving him hope when no one was communicating with us. He was helpful to the extreme; very kind; very calming for my son; very confident he would be released. The fact he answered the phone, in bed, at 3am, when he was asleep was stunning - especially as no other lawyer did. They all rang back about lunchtime!!! I always felt informed; well advised and that someone was working in my son's best interest. I recommend him wholeheartedly. Sarah
Jeremy’s past experiences in working with the DA and his knowledge of the legal process was instrumental in getting my charge of unlawful surveillance dismissed. I would recommend his services to anyone who is facing serious legal charges. I found him to be professional, honest, intelligent, and I could not have had a better legal outcome than the one I received. Anonymous
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