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Jeremy’s past experiences in working with the DA and his knowledge of the legal process was instrumental in getting my charge of unlawful surveillance dismissed. I would recommend his services to anyone who is facing serious legal charges. I found him to be professional, honest, intelligent, and I could not have had a better legal outcome than the one I received.

- Anonymous

Elizabeth Crotty represented me for a misdemeanor assault charge and got it completely dismissed and sealed. She took the time to listen to my side of the story, understand what my concerns were, and worked with me on a strategy for success. She clearly laid out the entire process that we would be going through together, and she fully explained all the possible outcomes and what to expect at each step of the process. At no point during my case was I at a lack for information. I could reach out to her at any time to ask questions and discuss options. Her thorough understanding of the court system and laws was always on display and she represented me with the upmost professionalism. I knew from our first meeting that she was 100% behind me and would work tirelessly to achieving an acceptable outcome to my case. I would strongly recommend Ms. Crotty to anyone that wants a highly professional and candid lawyer to handle their case. She was the best! Thank you Ms. Crotty!

- Vincent

Jeremy answered his phone at 3am to help secure my son's release without bail, within hours. He went straight to the people that mattered and kept my son informed in the cells, giving him hope when no one was communicating with us. He was helpful to the extreme; very kind; very calming for my son; very confident he would be released. The fact he answered the phone, in bed, at 3am, when he was asleep was stunning - especially as no other lawyer did. They all rang back about lunchtime!!! I always felt informed; well advised and that someone was working in my son's best interest. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

- Sarah

Elizabeth represented me in an assault matter and was able to convince the Assistant District Attorney to dismiss my case within a matter of weeks. Additionally, she was able to do so for less than what I was anticipating on spending on my case. I am more than grateful for her incredibly fast and attentive responsiveness and communication as it made the entire ordeal as painless as possible.

From the onset, Elizabeth laid out the procedure and schedule of events to anticipate. She was able to lay out my options in a clear and rational way, making note of the best ways forward, and the possible options at every step. Elizabeth vouched for my character and pointed to my clean record to the ADA to get my case dismissed outright instead of a form of probation. She is clearly experienced in her field and she is absolutely the best option for any criminal case.

- William

A friend referred me to Jeremy after the NYPD arrested me for Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree. When I first met Jeremy he put me at ease and explained the process. Jeremy also exuded a welcomed and calm confidence that helped me through the case. Having no experience in the courts, Jeremy made sure to communicate with me and explain things as they happened in real time. Unfortunately, we could not convince the DA to drop the charges stemming from my spouse’s affair’s accusations that I broke a window at her home but Jeremy gave me the courage to fight. He made it clear there were no guarantees but I refused the DA’s offer of an unnecessary restraining order and lesser plea. After making different motions to dismiss, Jeremy took my case to trial where he cross examined my soon-to-be former spouse and his affair before I finally got a chance to be heard. After everything finished, the judge dismissed the charges and closed my case.

I can say that Jeremy, as he often says, is an advocate. I could tell he cared about the case and the outcome. No doubt there were times when I was frightened and uncertain but I knew he would see the case through. Even though I did nothing wrong and faced a prosecution, I can hold my head up high thanks to Crotty Saland PC and Jeremy’s hard work.


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