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As practicing defense attorneys and former Manhattan prosecutors, the founding partners at Saland Law each have years of practical courtroom and legal experience handling drug possessing allegations and arrests. Our New York criminal defense attorneys will begin preparing your defense by examining all the details of your case and getting to know you as an individual. Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. Your lawyer will want to know all the circumstances surrounding the charges, including the exact nature of the police search and information about the substance in question.

Every case is different; so is every defense. After establishing the facts of the case, your counsel may be able to challenge the nature of the stop and search in order to have the substance suppressed. Alternatively, it may be that the evidence itself can be questioned. Perhaps your conduct may serve as a basis for mitigating the charges. None of these potential defenses are exclusive of another.

It is crucial to work closely from the beginning with an attorney who has experience defending drug cases in order to establish the most vigorous defense of your rights. For most people, the most important goal is to complete the process without having a lasting criminal record. For some people, even a plea to a non-criminal violation will still handicap their future.

While no law firm can guarantee a result or that their prior results guarantee a similar outcome, the New York criminal lawyers at Saland Law have and will advocate aggressively when necessary, diligently at all times and with the advantage of their knowledge and experience. We have successfully avoided criminal records and ramifications to the careers of teachers, doctors, lawyers and finance professionals throughout New York City and guarantee we will strive to do the same for each an every client.

Our law firm serves clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Westchester County. Call us at 212.312.7129 or contact us online today to speak with our New York attorneys and former Manhattan prosecutors about misdemeanor drug crimes.

In depth information on drug crimes, statutes and laws is located on Saland Law's New York Criminal Lawyer Blog and its drug crime section.

Client Reviews
Jeremy answered his phone at 3am to help secure my son's release without bail, within hours. He went straight to the people that mattered and kept my son informed in the cells, giving him hope when no one was communicating with us. He was helpful to the extreme; very kind; very calming for my son; very confident he would be released. The fact he answered the phone, in bed, at 3am, when he was asleep was stunning - especially as no other lawyer did. They all rang back about lunchtime!!! I always felt informed; well advised and that someone was working in my son's best interest. I recommend him wholeheartedly. Sarah
Jeremy’s past experiences in working with the DA and his knowledge of the legal process was instrumental in getting my charge of unlawful surveillance dismissed. I would recommend his services to anyone who is facing serious legal charges. I found him to be professional, honest, intelligent, and I could not have had a better legal outcome than the one I received. Anonymous
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